Thursday, 16 August 2007

Heath End - Some Photos

Lorriman Terrace - railway cottages and Station Master's house.

Autotrain crosses road and enters station.

Signal box - a Ratio® kit, with base modified so that all stonework matches [Metcalfe Models®]

Wilts & Dorset local bus service crosses line with a view towards the Brickworks. Bridge will carry overhead clay bucket cable-way.

Signal box with wooden platform ramp allowing point and signal control egress below [yet to be installed].

Evidence of the transfer from WR to SR as workman affixes enamelled green nameboard.

Autotrain enters station, with main building's long canopy in view - identical to Dunster! [Hornby, modified with same stone paper! See later instalment.]

57xx [non-fitted] hauling another autocar out of station towards south and goods yard.

Courtenay & Cox, Coal & Coke Merchants establisned on the old Wheat Fold siding.

Special thanks to Danny Cockling for permission to use the bottom two pictures. To view the original high-resolution picture, double-click the display photo.

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