Monday, 13 August 2007

Welcome to the Craven Scalefour Area Group

In lieu of a fully-functioning web site, we have opened this blog to keep you informed of our meetings and projects. Bookmark us and visit regularly to find out when we are planning to meet, when we are exhibiting, and how our projects are going.

We meet on an ad hoc basis for either a social evening [sharing magazines and showing our latest models, discussing matters prototype, model and non-railway, and drinking tea!] or for working on the current project.

Our previous main projects have been Tibberton and Fulham Imperial Road, and we have also exhibited a demonstation to show building techniques by way of an operational double-track Cravenfoot Halt. We have also helped three of our members exhibit their layouts, Littlestoke [Allan Smith],Frome North [Richard Dunning] and Biginnor Road [Paul Severs].

Our current project is Heath End, a circular layout inspired by, but not conforming perfectly to, the Challis Challenge to build a layout within the 'footprint' of 18.83 square feet. We have incorporated what we think is an unique solution to the fiddle yard problem. Entries on all of these projects will follow in due course. Keep visiting for updates.

Roger Cox is our Secretary [see Scalefour 'Blue Book' for contact details] to whom all enquiries about exhibiting should be addressed. Other members include Allan Smith, Howard Lorriman, Roger Courtenay, Paul Hatherley, and Graham Seed. Richard now resides out of area, but is still an honorary member!

If you live between Bradford and Preston you are welcome to join us.

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Danny Cockling said...

Great stuff Paul, Roger & Co, well done for becoming the first Scalefour Society Area Group to start a blog. I'm looking forward to following developments and seeing some pictures.
Danny Cockling: Scalefour Society Area Group Co-ordinator