Saturday, 1 September 2007

Summer Projects

Here are some photos of the latest projects as Paul intimated. The conversion of the Hornby A3 followed (mostly) the article in MRJ 169 but using Gibson crankpins all round. The return crank is just soldered on. The splashers also needed a great deal of carving from behind to clear P4 wheels. The Bachmann Fairburn was simple enough until I came to trying to solder on the return crank. Made of mazak it wont solder, of course, so I resorted to fitting it over the Gibson crank pin and filling the hole with super glue. It seems to be holding. If I was a real modeller I would have made a new return crank from nickel.

The turntable is a SEFinecast with Dapol bridge. I have modified the mechanism and contacts so they will all fit underneath. A photo of current progress to upload later.

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