Saturday, 1 September 2007

Turntable so far...

Here is a photo of the turntable as promised. The deck is Brooksmith crossing timbers and the leads for the contacts will go down the centre of the spindle. The bridge actually runs on the two plasticard supports. The original dapol wheels are purely cosmetic. The rail in the turntable well is two lengths of steel rail soldered together, reinforced with brass rod and threaded with C&L chairs and then curved to fit, trimmed and glued in palce. A couple of unobtrusive brass rod pins also help to hold it in place.

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Danny Cockling said...


Just to say that I have enjoyed your blog so far, and it's great that you
folk are so keen to share your activities. Yesterday evening, six of our
lot spent four hours in my kitchen putting rivets in sleepers, which is far
less interesting to report to the world.

I haven't actually placed a comment on your site because I winced at Google
wanting me to sign up for dear knows what, but any comment would of course
be highly complimentary.

One of my self-imposed tasks in this frightening (to me) role of President
is to visit all the Area Groups in their natural habitats, so after reading
your blog it is clear that I should make an early visit to see you good folk
(assuming you would like me to - I could sing for my supper if necessary).

If that sounds ok to you, can you quote some dates this autumn when it might
be possible to come a-calling?

Jim Summers