Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Oops, Sorry.........

Danny Cockling has just gently reminded me that I have neglected to write anything for nearly six months! Usual excuses.... Our significant news is that someone from the Scaleforum exhibition management team remembered that in the dim and distant past [eleven years ago actually!] we built a large London-style Goods Station with a high level section of the West London Lines to the rear, postulating an extra location at Fulham, just before the line crosses the Thames, at Imperial Road. We were thus asked to resurrect it for exhibition at Scaleforum this year; we have duly complied, and I append a couple of shots to whet your appetite: the large train shed and skew bridge are featured, but work on the rest of the goods yard does not yet permit photography of the enormous goods warehouse. When I get the chance, I'll post a few piccies of the other end, with a bit more description.

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